I love her!!!

Hi friends,

tonight i decided to speak english. We never know, if one day i have some fans in the whole world :-D

 I'm definitively fan of Louise ROGERS, the bodyfitness Britain's champion. I've seen lots of videos about her and she has all to be liked! She's beautiful, has a fantastic body, speaks and explains well the exercices and she seems to be very nice. Oh, i forgot, she drives a VW GOLF, the same i have ;-D

I also discovered a new link, "LA MUSCLE TV", where you can see all the videos about her and lots of another things (champions, nutrition....). You can find this new link on my site.

Concerning me, i'm far away to be like Louise ROGERS, but i'm working hard to look like her (in France we say " the hope makes live").

Tonight i worked my back, my chest and my buttocks. It was hard after work and it was hot at the gym. But i use to work when it's very hot. When i'm doing judo in the summer, it's horrible! We have our kimono on the back and i can tell you it's really really warm!!! But the worst is that there's much people at the gym at this time and I hate to wait for an exercise. But with a smile, men are generaly nice with me...

I'm happy because i make some progress every day and i can see my body changing. I'm losing some weight and my body is more muscled.

When i have time, i try to make some new pics of me...

So, now i'm going to bed because i need to have a good night after this training.

Bye bye.

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